Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Join our affiliate program!

Help us promote the Hov Pod, and we will pay you a generous commission for every sale that generates as a result of your promotion. No upward limit on how many sales you can make.

We provide full guidance on how to get started. We provide a unique ID form that tracks customer interest. 

SEO Savvy?

If you are up to speed on SEO and can create your own website, contact us for ID form, images, video embed codes. 

Not SEO Savvy?

Don't know how to make and promote a website? Become a commission representative, and visit potential dealers in your area to sell the reseller / dealer concept.

About our unique niche products

Hovercraft are very popular, and the Hov Pod is the first and only HDPE leisure/commercial hovercraft available.

This product is very niche, and the commission is very generous. So if you are fed up with selling ringtones to monkeys for peanuts, sign up now. We will send you images and videos so that you can exploit YouTube and the Social Network sites.

Contact us for further information.

Super Affiliate

Super Affiliate
Cory has sold a number of Hov Pods

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